A crisis of faith is hovering over the world at this moment. The atheist movement is growing stronger and the sense of purpose & meaning in this world is decreasing. We are now considered the enlightened ones, free from the delusion of God, empowered by the scientific surge of revelation. But from what I have come to realize, there is a big mistake being done here, and we are already seeing the results today.

A big part of my teenage years was spent in demystifying the world around me. I could not simply process and accept the amount of bullshit, the amount of fiction governing our world. And I could also not see the end of destroying my reality and the psychological horrors that came with it. If there is something that I have learned, it is that the metaphysical forces that advance our species are so important for us as part of being human, and as part in being connected to global networks in the information age.

The old religions are paradoxically not dying as many atheists and scientists have predicted, but their value and what they produce is increasingly declining for each year that passes. We need religion more than ever, we need God. But in this pursuit, we need to reinvent religion, so that it fits the nature of reality, the nature of physics. We need to redefine the word of God as something that we collectively create, not something eternal that created us.

Now to be clear, I myself am a hyperrealist, and I have many times found myself viewing the world as a nihilist. But I intend to change this because it is profoundly necessary to do so. I have learned much from deconstructing the world around me, but it can only bring me to a certain point of progress.

There are already movements today trying to answer the question of what the God of our times and future should be and I intend to investigate this further. We should not forget that atheism itself is in many ways religion, as you could call it the devotion to the objective and the revelations of science. But I have increasingly found this perspective and way of living only to be paralyzing, and it has increasingly made me jealous of the fruits that the delusional followers of ancient inter-subjective creations reap in terms of meaning, purpose, and willpower.

Religion is too important to leave in the hands of today’s structure of power, it is too stained by past belief systems that do not reflect our time and our needs. We need to bring purpose back to our worlds, not by mysticism and ancient scrolls of pure nonsense but by design that brings us together and empowers ourselves collectively. I do not have the answer today, as my search truly just has begun. But once I collect something substantial enough, something that I can truly accept, and could possibly benefit others in the same pursuit, I will engage.