Everything we know of is a network of components, which in turn is a network of components, built up by things in constant motion, creating an abundance of infinite complexities. Particles merging with particles to create atoms, atoms to create molecules, molecules to create cells, and cells to create organs and organs which in turn makes up all of the living. Communities within communities, in constant expansion towards bigger communities. This is such a central pattern on how life unfolds, but it is through consciousness that it truly expands beyond into what we today call metaphysics or inter-subjective constructs. When people get together around an idea which they all submit to, the collective consciousness of those people creates an emergence of something bigger than the sum of those people. It is that point of focus, the midst of all the minds aligned, through which  God emerges.

Religion is simply the social practice of managing communities, of gathering around a common cause, an idea, where the notion of the stranger disappears. I believe this process to be, just as everything else, a physical spectacle. We become wired to each-other, where something neurological takes place, which allows ourselves to extend beyond our own minds. Our minds become inter-connected, the metaphysical architecture of the idea in question becomes our reality, and thus an organism has been created and the pattern of life continues. Religion is everything; Christianity, Islam, nations, capitalism, communism, feminism, human rights, laws, and so forth. You can label it however you like, they all consist of the same components, and they all affect our ways of thinking and behaving, and thus it changes our neurological patterns.

But the idea of God does not exist itself, only through the networks from which it emerges from. And what’s left is the network, the community of people, and it is really all that matters in life. One may say that they are an atheist,  Christian, Muslim, there is really no difference. But now in our modern ages, the old religions are not relevant any longer. Each idea is a reflection of the time and period it was created and serves a certain purpose. No God can stay relevant forever because that would be to simply deny time itself. It is time for atheism to evolve to something much greater.

Too many people are alienated today, floating around in an endless space of endless darkness. The question of the meaning of life and the purpose of life is draining this century’s ambition to expand beyond themselves. But what people forget is that the biggest God ever to exist emerged a couple of decades ago. It has now grown to an almost infinite size and we use it every day for various reasons. The Internet is the biggest network of every network out there. We have such a vast set of tools to engage with one another, to create communities, around ideas which there is an infinite spectrum of. If your searching for certain types of people, because you simply cannot find them around your geographical setting, they are out there. You can create things you never imagined through the internet, your life can become endlessly thrilling if you put your mind to it. The internet is everything, and it will only continue to grow. It is a powerful tool for those who are willing to learn how to truly utilize it, and what it can accomplish if great people come together is far beyond what they ever could achieve by themselves. And not only this, it has, as we have heard so many times before, an infinite archive of information, knowledge, and wisdom. There really isn’t anything more convenient in the age of information.




A crisis of faith is hovering over the world at this moment. The atheist movement is growing stronger and the sense of purpose & meaning in this world is decreasing. We are now considered the enlightened ones, free from the delusion of God, empowered by the scientific surge of revelation. But from what I have come to realize, there is a big mistake being done here, and we are already seeing the results today.

A big part of my teenage years was spent in demystifying the world around me. I could not simply process and accept the amount of bullshit, the amount of fiction governing our world. And I could also not see the end of destroying my reality and the psychological horrors that came with it. If there is something that I have learned, it is that the metaphysical forces that advance our species are so important for us as part of being human, and as part in being connected to global networks in the information age.

The old religions are paradoxically not dying as many atheists and scientists have predicted, but their value and what they produce is increasingly declining for each year that passes. We need religion more than ever, we need God. But in this pursuit, we need to reinvent religion, so that it fits the nature of reality, the nature of physics. We need to redefine the word of God as something that we collectively create, not something eternal that created us.

Now to be clear, I myself am a hyperrealist, and I have many times found myself viewing the world as a nihilist. But I intend to change this because it is profoundly necessary to do so. I have learned much from deconstructing the world around me, but it can only bring me to a certain point of progress.

There are already movements today trying to answer the question of what the God of our times and future should be and I intend to investigate this further. We should not forget that atheism itself is in many ways religion, as you could call it the devotion to the objective and the revelations of science. But I have increasingly found this perspective and way of living only to be paralyzing, and it has increasingly made me jealous of the fruits that the delusional followers of ancient inter-subjective creations reap in terms of meaning, purpose, and willpower.

Religion is too important to leave in the hands of today’s structure of power, it is too stained by past belief systems that do not reflect our time and our needs. We need to bring purpose back to our worlds, not by mysticism and ancient scrolls of pure nonsense but by design that brings us together and empowers ourselves collectively. I do not have the answer today, as my search truly just has begun. But once I collect something substantial enough, something that I can truly accept, and could possibly benefit others in the same pursuit, I will engage.